Our Story

What is a kneuron? It’s an idea that tries to solve a specific problem. Just like the random impulses in your brain, each kneuron can be an idea big or small, and through constant iteration and evolution it can be something incredible.

Emerging Tech Research

From 3D printed prosthetics to custom agriculture drones, automated vehicles to augmented reality, we are always looking to research and test new and exciting solutions to the modern problems we face. Collaborating with the companies and people who are inventing transformational solutions is paramount to our success, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge in an open source format whenever possible.

Certified Experience

We have been certified by the most dynamic companies in the industry to support and innovate with their products. Our experience in using software and hardware from hundreds of companies over the decades has given us the confidence to pick and choose the right solutions to every problem.

What’s Happening

Whether it's teaching, learning, exploring, or researching, we're always keeping busy! Read our Blog for great links, stories, and insight into our day-to-day. Check out the projects we're working on and let us know if you have any questions.